Ethereum Mixer

Our Ethereum Mixer is a fully automated service providing Anonymity to any Ethereum Blockchain users, by using a cross-chain and reliable coins mixing technology we are able to swap your Ethereums (ETH) with new anonymized Ethereums that can't be traced/linked to your old Ethers.
Being the most trusted Ethereum Mixer, we are proud to mix more than 500 ETH/daily for our users all over the world: Thank you!

Mix your Ethereums

Forwarding Address:

Enter the Ethereum address where you want your Anonymous Ethereums (ETH) to be forwarded to.

Mixing Delay: 1 hour

Choose the delay to wait before forwarding your Anonymous Ethereums (ETH).

* For a better mixing and to avoid Blockchain Analysis, we recommend at least 1 hour.


We do not require or collect any information to mix your Ethereums. Our service is registration free.


We do not comply with KYC regulation! We will never hold your Ethereums and ask for your identity.

No Logs

We don't collect or keep any log. Every Ethereum Mixing Session is automatically destroyed after 24h.

Low Fees

Being the most used Ethereum Mixer allow us to offer your the lowest service fees of only 2%.


Your clean Ethereums ETH will be forwarded to your right after confirmation.

High Amount

By using our Ethereum Mixer, you can safely mix up to 500 ETH per transaction!

True Mix

Using our service will provide you with the best ethereum mixing service available, by using a multi-chain mixing technology and forwarding only pre-mixed Ethereums, there will be absolutely no trail linking your old Ethereums to the new Ethereums forwarded by our service.